Frontansicht der Schraubenansicht


Welcome to our alte Schraubenfabrik –
our unique, modern health campus!

Die alte Schraubenfabrik is more than just a meeting place – it is a vibrant campus located in an elaborately restored historic factory building where screws were once manufactured. Our aim is to combine the tradition of this industrial heritage with modern, top-quality education, comfortable accommodation, and excellent gastronomy.

“We are proud to create an inviting community where people come together to learn, stay, and connect. The old screw factory – where history meets modernity and care sets a new standard.”

Schraubenfabrik II-110

Immerse yourself in the fascinating company history of die alte Schraubenfabrik, characterized by innovation, growth, and passionate commitment since its founding year. From its beginnings to its current status as an established company, learn how it has evolved over the years. Discover the key moments that have shaped die alte Schraubenfabrik and be inspired by its success story.

P20 Baudenkmal GmbH
Plessenstraße 20
D- 58089 Hagen 
Telefon: 02331 34 197 00
E-Mail: info@alte-schraubenfabrik.com
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