Who We Are

Our vision is to create an inspiring environment where people of diverse backgrounds and interests come together, whether for learning, relaxation, or exchange of experiences. We offer a wide range of opportunities, through educational programs, high-quality accommodations, or our diverse gastronomy, to provide our visitors and residents with unique experiences.

The Screw Factory unites past and future, creates spaces for innovation, and sets a new standard for togetherness in a dynamic, cosmopolitan community.


Igniting ideas together – For an innovative future


Our vision extends beyond the horizon – shaping the future, today and tomorrow!


Our steps pave the way – Together to success, step by step.


Stronger Together – Our Diversity, Our Success


Achieving more together – Hand in hand on the path to the goal

What defines us

“As visionaries and investors, we believe in the transformative power of ideas. Our commitment to the restored Screw Factory goes far beyond mere restoration – we see it as an opportunity to create a community based on innovation, cohesion, and forward-thinking concepts. Our passion lies in transforming this historic site into a vibrant hub that inspires people and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. In the restored Screw Factory, we blend unique history with cutting-edge innovation.”

Our Vision

This historic lost place has been meticulously restored to become a meeting place for all. Our vision is to create a place that welcomes people of all ages and cultures. Here, culinary diversity, well-being, and comfortable accommodations merge to create a unique atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

“The old Screw Factory P20 is much more than just a historic building. We firmly believe that the future of care lies in an environment that conveys feelings of security, happiness, health, and satisfaction. Our goal is to make this place a space of support and gathering that fosters individual development and connects people.”

Our Goal

Together with you, we actively shape the future of this unique place. We aim to create infrastructures that facilitate a vibrant meeting point for people of all ages and cultures.

The old Screw Factory P20 marks the beginning of a fascinating story. Be part of this transformation and witness how a lost place evolves into a haven of happiness, health, and togetherness!

Discover the unique combination of nursing school, gastronomy, and accommodation at the old Screw Factory Hagen! Contact us for further information and experience the future taking shape here.

P20 Baudenkmal GmbH
Plessenstraße 20
D- 58089 Hagen 
Telefon: 02331 34 197 00
E-Mail: info@alte-schraubenfabrik.com
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